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  • All items are New in Sealed Box, usually Mint in Sealed Box. (Precise condition will be verified when retrieved from storage after you make an offer.)
  • All items are located in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
  • My Prices are based on giving you a 15% discount on the best Buy-It-Now price on eBay for each item.
  • My Prices and inventory were correct as of 9th July 2014.
  • My Prices do not include shipping. (Shipping/delivery/collection is negotiable based on the items you are interested in and where you live.)
  • You can contact me as GondorianDotCom on the bricksetforum to make an offer.

    Sets are listed in set number order.
    Set #ImageNameMy Price
    2259Skull Motorbike21
    2506Skull Truck42
    2507Fire Temple79
    2520Ninja Battle Arena31
    2521Lightning Dragon Battle68
    3061City Park Cafe32
    3063Heartlake Flying Club23
    3065Olivia's Tree House28
    3184Adventure Camper47
    3185Summer Riding Camp78
    3188Heartlake Vet64
    3189Heartlake Stables55
    3367Space Shuttle42
    3368Space Centre83
    3661Bank & Money Transfer41
    3833Krusty Krab Adventures21
    3834Good Neighbours at Bikini Bottom55
    3848Pirate Plank13
    3849Orient Bazaar15
    3859Caverns of Nathuz13
    3862Harry Potter Hogwarts21
    3866Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth21
    3920The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey22
    3931Emma's Splash Pool13
    3934Mia's Puppy House21
    3939Mia's Bedroom15
    4182The Cannibal Escape42
    4183The Mill74
    4184The Black Pearl196
    4192Fountain of Youth59
    4193The London Escape48
    4195Queen Anne's Revenge191
    4203Excavator Transporter21
    4207City Garage68
    4209Fire Plane35
    4429Helicopter Rescue55
    4433Dirt Bike Transporter18
    4440Forest Police Station89
    4528Green Lantern30
    4529Iron Man27
    4530The Hulk21
    4736Freeing Dobby27
    4737Quidditch Match54
    4738Hagrid's Hut96
    4840The Burrow144
    4841Hogwarts Express140
    4842Hogwarts Castle127
    4865The Forbidden Forest27
    4866The Knight Bus68
    5766Log Cabin24
    5885Triceratops Trapper64
    5886T-Rex Hunter51
    5891Apple Tree House41
    6857The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape61
    6858Catwoman Catcycle City Chase25
    6860The Batcave78
    6863Batwing Battle Over Gotham City34
    6864The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase61
    6866Wolverine's Chopper Showdown50
    6867Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape26
    6868Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout71
    6869Quinjet Aerial Battle72
    6873Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush42
    7066Earth Defense HQ85
    7067Jet-Copter Encounter51
    7288Mobile Police Unit36
    7553City Advent Calendar54
    7569Desert Attack18
    7570The Ostrich Race16
    7573Battle of Alamut68
    7630Front-End Loader17
    7879Hoth Echo Base81
    7937Train Station47
    7938Passenger Train90
    7939Cargo Train113
    7958Star Wars Advent Calendar33
    7965Millennium Falcon113
    7977Seabed Strider21
    9448Samurai Mech30
    9449Ultra Sonic Raider57
    9450Epic Dragon Battle76
    9457Fangpyre Wrecking Ball42
    9463The Werewolf20
    9466The Crazy Scientist & His Monster37
    9467The Ghost Train55
    9468Vampyre Castle76
    9471Uruk-Hai Army29
    9472Attack On Weathertop47
    9474The Battle Of Helm's Deep115
    9496Desert Skiff28
    9516Jabba's Palace102
    10193Medieval Market Village101
    10197Fire Brigade169
    10199Winter Village Toy Shop106
    10214Tower Bridge181
    10216Winter Village Bakery67
    10217Diagon Alley191
    10220Volkswagen T1 Camper Van85
    10222Winter Village Post Office98
    10224Town Hall143
    10226Sopwith Camel69
    10228Haunted House157
    10229Winter Village Cottage98
    10230Mini Modulars84
    10232Palace Cinema130
    10235Winter Village Market89
    31012Family House51
    40082Christmas Tree Stand13
    40083Christmas Tree Truck17
    41005Heartlake High42
    41015Dolphin Cruiser51
    419994x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition 254
    50011The Battle for Helms Deep34
    60004Fire Station59
    60013Coast Guard Helicopter23
    60014Coast Guard Patrol51
    60015Coast Guard Plane30
    60022Cargo Terminal59
    60025Grand Prix Truck30
    60027Monster Truck Transporter26
    70005Laval's Royal Fighter34
    70006Cragger's Command Ship59
    70008Gorzan's Gorilla Striker42
    70009Worriz's Combat Lair54
    70010The Lion CHI Temple89
    70013Equila's Ultra Striker51
    70401Gold Getaway15
    70402The Gatehouse Raid21
    70403Dragon Mountain30
    70404King's Castle68
    70501Warrior Bike15
    70505Temple of Light51
    70701Swarm Interceptor18
    70702Warp Stinger21
    70703Star Slicer30
    70705Bug Obliterator54
    70707CLS-89 Eradicator Mech32
    70709Galactic Titan68
    70810MetalBeard's Sea Cow187
    75005Rancor Pit51
    75017Duel on Geonosis34
    75020Jabba's Sail Barge85
    75021Republic Gunship93
    79002Attack of the Wargs42
    79003An Unexpected Gathering51
    79006The Council of Elrond25
    79007Battle at the Black Gate51
    79008Pirate Ship Ambush76
    79010The Goblin King Battle68
    79014Dol Guldur Battle59
    79103Turtle Lair Attack42
    79104The Shellraiser Street Chase51
    79107Comanche Camp17
    79108Stagecoach Escape27
    79110Silver Mine Shootout63
    79111Constitution Train Chase68
    853373LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set61
    3300014Christmas Set25